Sinend's Show Success

Sinend has been able to achieve wonderful success utilizing and showing cats that are bred from and co-owned with Sadakat.  This includes:

GC, BW, NW Sinend's Dance Anyway of Sadakat
CFA's first TA Kitten National Winner
National Best of Breed, 2009
Fourteenth Best Kitten Globally
Midwest Region's Best Kitten (First and Only Turkish Angora to finish Best in any region); Midwest Region's 6th Best Cat, 2009

GC, BW, RW Sadakat's Hope You Dance of Sinend, DM
"Lola" aka "The Bird"
One Show Grand Champion
CFA's most titled TA in history
National Second Best of Breed, 2006
Midwest Region's 9th Best Kitten, 12th Best Cat, 2006
National Best of Breed, 2007
Midwest Region's 8th Best Cat, 2007
Photo on the left, at 8 years of age

GC, RW Cozmecats Blue Diamond of Sinend
North Atlantic Region 11th Best Kitten, 2017

GC, BW Sadakat's Sky BEW of Sinend
National Best of Breed, 2005

GC Sadakat's Hope Floats

GC, RW Sadakat's Halay of Sinend
National Second Best of Breed, 2012
Midwest Region's 25th Best Cat, 2012

GP Sadakat's Harika of Sinend
Single Show Open to Grand Premier
Rest softly, my beautiful girl

GC, RW Sinend Hannahanna's Bee of Sadakat
North Atlantic Region's 9th Best Cat, 2013
National Second Best of Breed, 2013
Co-owned and loved by Roy and Julie Keyer - Thanks so much!!

GC, GP, RW Sadakat's Tiny Dancer of Sinend
The one, the only - "Monkey"
Midwest Region's 18th Best Cat in Premiership, 2008

GC, RW Sinend's Adana 
National Second Best of Breed, 2008
Midwest Region's 22nd Best Cat, 2008

GC Sinend's Aintab 

GC, RW Sinend's Sivas 
Midwest Region's 24th Best Kitten, 2008

GC, GP, BW, RW Sadakat's Saheser 
National Best of Breed, 2004
North Atlantic Region's 11th Best Cat, 14th Best Kitten 2004
CFA's First Male One Show Grand Champion
Second Best in Show, inaugural Cats! NY at Madison Square Garden

GP, RW Sadakat's Gift From Above of Sinend
Midwest Region's 17th Best Cat in Premiership, 2004

CH, GP Sadakat's Smoke Signals of Sinend 
CFA's First Smoke Grand

GP Sadakat's Angel Face of Sinend 


GC, RW Koi Pond's Cadbury of Sinend
Red and White Bicolor Persian Male, who thinks he's a Turk!
One show open to Grand Champion
Midwest Region's 4th Best Kitten, 2012
Thanks to Matthew and DeLinda Pearson for trusting me with such a beautiful boy!

...and more to come!