Currently Available Cats and Kittens

At this time, we do not have kittens. We are looking for qualified homes for our retired adults. If you are interested and are somewhat local to the Lehigh Valley, and interested in an older cat, please email

Sinend breeds for quality, not quantity. We carefully study pedigrees and use the best cats we can, with the best pedigrees, to produce not only the show standard for the Turkish Angora, but the overall temperament, health and type.  Our cats are raised around other cats, and are exposed to dogs (though not cohabitating due to humans with dog allergies).  We have one or two litters a year.  

We will accept deposits on cats to preserve a spot on a wait list but we do not breed "to order" so if you are seeking a particular eye color on a white or other color, we can only give you what we have.  All kittens will be first evaluated for breed and show, so a particular kitten may or may not be available. When a kitten is available, we require a $250 non-refundable deposit to cover the veterinary activities we need to go through before your kitten is delivered (spay/neuter, shots, exams, etc.).

Kittens will NOT be delivered under 16 weeks, so please do not ask. Cats are not dogs, they are not weaned, socialized or fully vaccinated according to accepted veterinary protocols prior to this age.  All kittens and cats will come with a spay/neuter agreement if not previously sterilized. Older and retired cats are available and are usually at a discount from normal kitten prices.  We do work with other breeders, please email with specific requests. 

An important note about our shipping policy changes
At this time, we cannot ship pets, we must deliver in person instead, due to new USDA rules. We have had a very high success rate in shipping animals, but it will now cost more due to the travel we undertake to bring your animal to you. To learn more about why, click here


This pretty girl is a nice mix between an "old style" Turkish Angora, with a shorter leg and a stockier build. However she has a lovely head and beautiful odd eyes, one blue and one green. She has full hearing, and is quite the conversationalist! She does love attention and tummy rubs that never end! She is a great personality to add to your home. She is an older girl and will come at a discounted price; we prefer to place adults locally.




Silly is one of our "special" cats. We aren't quite sure what the story is, there is no medical cause for it, but Silly is very intolerant of other cats, and she can be overstimulated with toys. She will be placed only in a only cat situation with no children, dogs or other animals that might challenge her. We would be thrilled to explain more if you are interested - this girl is phenomenally beautiful, and one on one she is a ridiculously affectionate cat who loves to give kisses.
I've uploaded two videos of Silly, as she rolls around for tummy rubs and nuzzles and licks my neck and face. She is a complete love, and a wonderful cat, when she's on her own. She herself has created some signs for when she's in need of a break, so this is a super intelligent cat who will be easy to work with for someone who learns her signs. 

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