Meet the Turkish Angora - A Loyal, Loving Treasure for Your Home!

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Registered exclusively with the Cat Fanciers' Association
Pictured Above:
GC, RW Sinend's Adana of Sadakat
2008 National Second Best of Breed
Known for their intelligence, playfulness and loyalty to their humans, the Turkish Angora is a wonderful fit whether your family is in a studio apartment or a house full of busy kids!  This breed is fearless, seeking companionship and to "assist" you in your daily tasks.  Turkish Angoras will meet you at the door after a long day at work.  They are social and get along with dogs, other cats and as many people as they can fit into their schedule! 
Sinend is the Gaelic of Shannon, a goddess whose legend tells of her leaning too far into the well of knowledge, only to fall in and drown.  It is the perfect name for this curious, intelligent, engaging breed, who will always seek to be a part of what you are doing - even if it means falling into a well, bathtub, or other hijinks!
The Turkish Angora is quite literally living history - this breed is identified in writing as centuries old, and is thought to be the source of the white gene and the longhair gene in all domestic cats.  These cats are not just treasured, they are actually classified as national treasures by the nation of Turkey.  Maintained in national Turkish zoos, all Turkish Angoras come from the recognized origin nation - and Sinend breeds with an eye to the traditional, using healthy outcross breeding stock to ensure not just true type, but also characteristics - from the striking profile to the single coated but full coat, refined bone and upright earset.  Sinend works with Sadakat cattery to produce the best Turkish Angoras in the world.

 GC, BW, RW Sadakat's Hope You Dance of Sinend, DM
National Best of Breed 2007, National Second Best of Breed 2006
Most Titled Turkish Angora in CFA History (Grand Champion, 2 National Breed Wins, 3 Regional Wins, Distinguished Merit)
Highest single show score for Turkish Angoras in Championship
Fifth generation of Distinguished Merit for Sadakat Turkish Angoras - the DM is a prized title among breeders, awarded for quality of offspring

 GC, BW, NW Sinend's Dance Anyway of Sadakat
National Best of Breed, 2009
Third Best of the Best, Longhaired Kitten, CFA International Show 2008
First Turkish Angora to finish in Top 5, CIS
CFA's First National Winning Turkish Angora Kitten
Highest single show score for Turkish Angora Kittens

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