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My Name: Sindra Downiel (don-yell) Wolfsen
The Place of My Birth: Carson City Nevada, on November 16, 1971. 
The Place I Call Home: Anchorage, Alaska

       Before our venturing to Alaska, and while seldom occupying one house for more than 12 months at a time, we lived--for the most part--in northern Idaho; Elk River, Idaho, to be specific.  Where I learned how to doggy-paddle ("the pond"), learned all about boys (or so I thought), joined a little group called The Sunshine Maidens (much like Girl scouts), and finally discovered the joy of playing doctor with some imaginitive kids in the neighborhood.  : )
       I moved to Alaska in 1981 with my mother, Vickie; my brother, Adam; and my little sister, Syanna; while my two older by 9 &10 years sisters, Lynn and Lisa stayed behind to head to college or join the military. 
       The first town in Alaska that we lived in was Haines, where my family moved in with my artistic and “psychic” aunt, Sherry, into a giant old rusted-out beached ship which was once, I believe, used to transport military folk.  As for the hundred or so "habitable" rooms (there are some bugs that cannot be killed by bleach alone), my mother and her sister turned several of the larger banquet rooms into a gallery, and named the boat, you guess it, “Noah’s Art.” (Where I might add, my friends were not allowed to visit. Not that they would want to: no running water and honey-buckets hidden behind giant sheets of black plastic.  That screams welcomed cleanliness. Did I mention the rats?)
       A few years and several moves later, we moved to Anchorage, where I’ve been ever since. (With the exception of following a boyfriend to South and North Dakota…yawn…).  It was in Anchorage where I dropped out of high school in my junior year (hence flowing the boyfriend), only to have an in-cred-i-bly difficult time eventually attending college a mere 9 years later.  I graduated from the University of Alaska, Anchorage in the spring of 2004 with a degree in Natural Sciences with an emphasis in geology.  It's with the Bureau of Land Management, where I actually USE my degree to aid in oil and gas exploration, production and development, the BLM Energy website, and mapping...stuff.
       Thus, with a handful of life experiences, a beautiful and artistically talented daughter (Breegan's ten years old now), and a divorce under my belt, in retrospect, I see how funny it is, the paths we take to get where we really SHOULD be.
My Painting History:
       Although I started painting seriously in March of 2006, I am no stranger to art and creativity.   Growing up with a creative genius as a dad, Har-V Wolfsen, of Kooskai, Idaho, and an artist as a mother; the beautiful and Brilliant, Vickie Wolfsen, of Prineville, Oregon, painting only felt natural to me.  My favorite part of painting, you might wonder, is in the mixing of my colors. Since I use only three (along with black and white), I take great pride in knowing there are no cookie-cutter colors in any piece of my work.
       Many of my paintings are inspired by photos: some of which I have personally shot and other photos I have miraculously found on the Internet.  As for the rest of my paintings, they come from a quiet, yet powerful, place inside me that I just cannot describe with words. But perhaps you too will connect with one of them, and then I suppose, that neither an explanation nor description of this indescribable place will be necessary. 
       I have chosen to teach myself the art of painting.  Not because I lack the time for lessons—for time can be made where there is desire—but for the simple fact that when I learn and understand something independently, that is, without the outside-artist-do-it-MY-way instructions, I gain wisdom, appreciation and freedom to create from within, while avoiding expectations or barriers from without. I create for myself a personal safe place to just Be.
       I choose my next subject, based on how it makes me feel, if you will. I never paint anything I do not absolutely love; it would then be an unfortunate waste of my creative energy. Not only that, but I must paint something that I connect with in some way, or it's never really coming from me.  I think we love things for certain beautiful, perfect, reasons.  And for me, it's as though it's The Great Invitation: inviting me to be true to my heart, true to myself, and true to, well, my gift.
       Whether it's a gift that I've been given, or the gift I offer the world, or the gift that works through me, I cannot say.  But I hope that you too will find a piece of that gift with which you connect, and be a little tiny bit changed by it, like a tiny poppy seed: eventually turning into something amazing. 

But who am I to think I can change a person, if only a tiny bit?

Then again, isn't that what art is all about? 



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To You: The Art Enthusiast, I thank you.
For your interest, your open mind, and your willingness to be changed just a tiny bit.

       - Sindra


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My paintings are currently showing at

Dos Manos, 1317 W. Northern Lights Blvd. Anchorage, Alaska 99503 (across Northern Lights from Title Wave Books), (907) 569-6800


Up Coming Exhibitions:  

March 6 - April 2, 2009: Dos Manos, First Friday Featured Artist Exhibition

August 7 - September 3, 2009: Snow City Cafe, First Friday Solo Exhibition

October 2 - November 3, 2009: Whale's Tale, Hotel Captain Cook, First Friday Solo Exhibition


Previous Art Exhibitions:  
Anchor Restaraunt and Club - First Friday and through September, 2007

July, 2007: Cafe Savannah, 508 W. 6th Ave, Anchorage, Alaska (907) 646-9121
April, 2007 - Dos Manos, First Friday Featured Artist
January, 2007 – Café Savannah, Anchorage, Alaska
November-December 2006 – LoonAttic, Wasilla, Alaska
October, 2006 – Café Savannah, Anchorage, Alaska


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