The University of Catcando 

A University created by cats for cats

Dr. Francis Albert Sinatracat, PhD, President

Macaroni Macintosh, Administrator

Julie,  Human  (We have to have a human)




Chartered 2007  Dr. Francis Albert Sinatracat, Ph.D, President.

Your cat’s   picture here with his/her degree.


Degrees Available to all cats and kittens.  Decide which degree you wish to purrsue,  Undergraduate, Masters of Arts or Sciences, or go for the top cat degree your doctorate, (PhD).  Impress other kitties at cocktail parties with intelligent mews.  All degrees available, (you must begin with your undergraduate degree, though) starting at 2.49 for your Undergraduate, 3.49 for your Masters and 4.99 for your Doctorate.   For an additional 1.99, per degree, your picture can be on your diploma.


Choose your degree from our growing curriculum or create your own degree.  Degrees include Siamese Curiosity, Cat Relations, Naughty Kitteness,  Persian Prince and Princess Training, Siamese Queen and King Training, Mixed-Breed Pure Catness, etc. We are offering a new field of study; Cat Engineering with a emphasis in Stroller Mechanics.  We also offer culinary degrees with specialties in Catnip, Tuna, and Vegetarian.  Would you like to learn how to run your own cathouse or spa?  If you meowed yes, then try our degree in Cat Hospitality.  Once you receive your undergraduate degree you are encouraged to continue your eduCATion.


Any issues not answered by the resident cats, can be addressed to our human assistant, Julie, (we promise she is part cat, too).


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