Note: The Sinai Peace Project is an idea. With the right promotion and help, it can become a reality
The Sinai Peace project is about a new economic area for citizens that want to live, develop and work in peace.

  • Only Egyptians (from Sinai), Palestines and Israelis are allowed in this area.
  • People are only allowed to the area, when they want to live in peace, and accept the rules for the Sinai Peace Project area: No weapons,
    to have, design or produce.
  • Accept the police that maintains the rules.
  • The police force consists of people of all 3 groups of inhabitants: Egyptians, Palestines and Israelis.
  • The way they work together, sets an example for others.
  • Economic development provides work, an income, personal development and causes and businesses to invest in.
  • Fresh water, produced from the sea, enhances the habitability of the area
  • Egypt guarantees stability in the area and accepts help from others to improve the situation when necessary.


Northern Sinai could be home for the first Sinai Peace Project.

Concepts behind the Sinai Peace Project
  • Do not choose sides in the conflict
  • Reduce complexity further with strict rules
  • Get people out of the war, in stead of the war out of the people