Before applying please read the FAQs page to make sure you can fulfill all program requirements.

The application for the 2014-2015 cycle is now open. The application is due at 5PM on Sunday, May 25. All questions about the application process should be directed to or to one of the Chiefs.

If you have previously been an SRA or an AA and are applying to return, do not fill out the application below. Instead, email or to one of the Chiefs for instructions.

Apply here. The application is online only. Therefore, please attach all of your documents as PDF files titled: "LastName_FirstName_FormName.pdf." Please create an account when you apply. Application materials must be completed and submitted in their entirety.  Applicants with incomplete application packages will not be considered for a Sinai Research Associates position. 

To the application, you must attach:

  1. Resume.
  2. Valid photo ID: This may be a driver's license or passport, for example.
  3. Letter of Good Academic Standing: You must be a student, enrolled in an academic program for the 2014-2015 school year, to participate in the SRA program. Contact your academic advisers to obtain this; they will know what it is. The letter is required by the hospital to prove you are actively enrolled in collegiate studies and are receiving passing marks for the current academic year. If you plan to start an academic program in the fall, please provide an enrollment verification letter from that school. We do not require disclosure of your GPA.
  4. EMSTAT Confidentiality Agreement: Regardless of which site preference you select (i.e. even if you select Mount Sinai Hospital), you must complete the EMSTAT Confidentiality Agreement.
  5. Training Modules: We require applicants to submit certificates of completion for four web-based training modules. Instructions for the completion of these modules are available below.
  6. Immunization Record: Mount Sinai requires all volunteers to submit proof of immunization for certain illnesses.  These required vaccinations are outlined in the Immunization Requirements document below.  Please note that per Mount Sinai, PPD tests and flu shots must be re-administered yearly. If it is not flu season, make a note on your application as such and be sure to submit proof of immunization as soon as the flu vaccine becomes available.
 Sinai Associates Application Materials
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