Welcome to the Sinai Research Associates Program!

The Sinai Research Associates program is a clinical research assistant program in the emergency departments of Mount Sinai Hospital, Mount Sinai St. Luke's Hospital, and Mount Sinai West Hospital.  Sinai Research Associates (SRAs) assist the emergency departments in ongoing research projects in an effort to bring greater precision to emergency medicine and improve the quality of care. Each research project focuses on a different aspect of patient care and may include clinical trials, patient and physician survey studies, observational studies, and practice-pattern studies.

SRAs work in our emergency departments with the clinical staff (physicians, nurses, etc.). Through a computerized patient organization system, SRAs identify patients who are potential study participants or whose presence generates a study opportunity. Once these patients are identified, the SRA completes the patient consent process, executes survey questions, collects data from physicians and/or medical charts, and informs physicians of the study eligibility. Specific details of the role are explained in our orientation sessions.

Opportunities for high-level involvement in individual research projects are occasionally available to motivated, reliable, and interested SRAs. Observation of emergency department procedures, resuscitations, and general care is an integrated part of the experience, and in some cases required for the execution of a research enrollment. Dr. Denise Nassisi, Dr. Anjali Singh, Dr. Ethan Cowan and Dr. Tod Bania direct the Sinai Research Associates program. 

 The 2018-2019 Application is now open! Please go to "Application Information" to read the instructions and to access the application site.

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 NOTE: These dates were for the last academic cycle. The new calendar is being drafted and will be updated as soon as the dates 
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2016-2017 Yearlong Session Important Dates

For the tentative academic calendar for the 2016-2017 year, please see the PDF under Important Announcements.