AP Physics

AP Physics C: Mechanics is a rigorous course, meant to build on the foundation you established in Honors Physics. It represents a typical first semester of college physics, and is intended for students who plan to continue their studies in the physical sciences or engineering. Introductory differential and integral calculus are used throughout the course. Furthermore, it is assumed that you are taking AP Calculus concurrently. In this course, you will be engaged in high-level problem-solving in various topics in mechanics (see syllabus below). Labs, of course, make up another important part of this course.

Textbook: University Physics, 11th Edition

Topics by Chapter:

Ch. 1: Vectors

Ch. 2: Kinematics (1 Dimension)

Ch. 3: Motion in 2D and 3D

Ch. 4/5: Dynamics (Newton's Laws), Friction

Ch. 6/7: Work, Power, Conservation of Energy

Ch. 8: Momentum, Impulse, and Conservation of Momentum

Ch. 9/10: Rotational Kinematics and Dynamics

Ch. 11: Static Equilibrium

Ch. 12: Gravitation

Ch. 13: Periodic Motion