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Simunomics is a Free Massive Multiplayer Business Simulation

If you like a good Business Strategy Game. You will love this game.

Simunomics Business Strategy Game

If you have stumbled upon this site, consider yourself lucky and privileged to have all these tools at your disposal. I made this site as a fan site, and reference for my trade group initially.

This site has been underground for a while now. Help us keep it that way.
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If you are an experienced player jump to the following links instead of reading further below.
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If you are a new player, allow me to explain a little about the game, and this website.

The website will be shared upon completion with the whole community. For the time being is public, but not advertised on game forums to avoid competitors getting their hands on this information, and reference sheets. However, I welcome newcomers that find the game through my website to use my resources, and make a profit in this multiplayer business simulation game. Welcome to the Best Economy Game on the internet.

We are all players of Simunomics, the Massive Multiplayer Game where we run our virtual companies much like Virtunomics, Economies of Scale, Capitalism II and many other tycoon business simulation games.

This is a game where you start as the CEO of a start up company with 1 million bucks to your name. From there you will forge your own path by picking up a product to produce, retail or a combination of both. In a nutshell Simunomics is a game that allowes you to run a business with the potential of later on becoming the ruler of the city in terms of influence, finances, dominance, and even be a terrifying overlord whom everyone is afraid of. 

In Simunomics you will notice a striking similarity with other big names like virtunomics, Economies of Scale and Capitalism II. The big difference is that here you don't need to micro-manage every single building. There are features that allow you to manage multiple buildings at once. The controls, and the mechanics are easier to grasp as well. The neatest thing is that the data in the game can be converted to graphs which come in very handy at times.

Simunomics Massive Multiplayer Business Simulation

I have compiled data on each game product, and put it into charts for better visualization. These charts save me time analyzing my best next move and shows me at a glance how the city players are behaving.

This is the typical cash amount you can expect to have when you continue to set your prices above the price-line in the chart. If you haven't checked out the charts, make sure you do so later.

The income statement below is for the week of April 20, 2014. You will notice that making upwards of 1 trillion bucks in 1 week is not only doable, but very likely if you do retail the right way. The picture looks small but you can click and expand it. To achieve high income you must first understand how the game works, and then you must employ your best management skills for this game. Competitors are never lacking, and competition can be fierce. The exciting part is that you can actually use it to your advantage. You can bluff, turn suppliers away from competitors, and even buy up all the supplies from the market for a specific product hindering  your competitor's ability to keep up. Unless they make their own inputs. In which case, you will need to get a little more creative. 

All in all. Simunomics will offer a wide array of features, game styles, and flexibility to allow you to maximize your potential as the CEO of your company. Alliances in-game can be a very powerful tool. When you partner up with other players, what affects them affects you. But on that same note, what affects you, affects them. Enemies or competitors will often back away from interfering with multiple players at once. They for the most part, prefer weaker opponents.

Business Game Profit

Let me go a step further, and illustrate a typical 2 week earning for someone in the range of 10 to 16 million score in the game. My friend had expanded his buildings before I could take a screenshot of his total cash. He had a little over 9 trillion before he expanded. But the illustration above is still valid.

Business Game Statement

Not bad ah? This is what you can accomplish when you set your mind to it. This screenshot was submitted by one of the members of The Network a few weeks ago. His profit was the pay off from several weeks worth of effort and continuous attempts to work his retail product up to the level he desired.

Do I have your attention now?

To achieve the earning potential described above you will need to understand how retail works in this business game, and follow my guides. The game will point and offer you better profit returns if you go against my advice, but over time it will really destroy your earning potential. I can show you how to do it like a pro and profit like one too.
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