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Virtual Environments. 

3D commercials

3D logo development

Digital Illustration

Architectural Previsualization

 Animated product videos

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Summer Dev Con

Making a graphic for the Game Developers Conference coming up this  summer.

Digital Motion Graphic 

Experimenting with some simple mograph techniques.

Parametric Architecture

Using some sketched concepts for dwellings to create housing mock ups .

Virtual Worlds

Early testing for interactive virtual worlds.  A busy street pedestrians, cars, ect.

Character Selector

-early user selection interface UI for the selection of a variety of different character classes.  

Don't be STEWPID! be animated...

This is the lastest cut for an animated comedy pilot intro for young adults.  It has an ANIME feel to it and has music by Fantastic Plastic Machine.  If this interested you and you want a copy of the WGA certified 30min pilot script for STEWPID hit me up!

Language Learning Chatbot Demo!

This is part of the process of development of a chatbot made in Unity for the purpose of a language learning application in a real-time environment.   Still working on the language translation component!

Interactive Motion Graphics

This is a demoscene style environment navigated and recorded in real time via Unity!  It's part of a series of experiments made in 2020 working with fractals and recursion.

Short Unity Flight Test...

Short Unity flight test using terrain loading mechanism and realistic weather systems.