Free Download Yandere Simulator Original Game

Yandere Simulator is just one of the game among teens. This is a stealth game, in which you play the role of a girl (This is by default and you can change the character at the beginning). About stalking a boyfriend by eliminating or even killing your buddies that have a crush on him, your occupation is. You're supposed to do these tasks by keeping a crystal clear picture in your college. The sport is in the development stage for many years and still can find many users around the world.

Ten students try to make a relationship as the game continues and your job is to stop them. Since the character, Yandere-chan includes a character that is particular, she is eliminating students throughout to violent methods from her crush. With the support of an informer, she plays even other people and kidnapping, matchmaking, poisoning, crushing, betrayal to rescue her boyfriend.

How to Download, Install and Play Yandere Simulator

Prior to download we would like to remind you something. The sport is still in development mode. There will be a lot of crashes and bugs during the gameplay and the game is not even finished. You can download the brand new version called sandbox build that is introduced for gamers for analyzing and error reporting. Follow the steps to download Yandere Simulator.

1.       You are able to immediately download yandere simulator website the zip file and then put in it to play the game.

2.        Get the launcher file in the website.

3.       Install the launcher and open the file. Click the download button to download documents to your PC. It could take a few minutes dependent on your network speed and the server condition.

4.       Just wait until the download is completed by you and after it gets finished, click the play button to start. In this step, you can adjust your game preferences. First of all, Screen resolution. You can adjust the screen resolution to the maximum according to your device settings. You can correct the keys. Once you put in the game, it will no be possible to correct your computer keyboard or joystick keys.

5.       Click the play button to start the game. Once you're in the configurations, there are numerous options out there. You may start the game in normal mode and mission mode. A few of the options Save/Load, such as settings, Extras etc are not yet available.

Common Issues With Yandere Simulator

Following are the issues that gamers feel throughout the gameplay. This is only a version. Updates that are stable are to release.

  •        Only Available in Windows PC. You can not play with it in either Mac or Linux.
  •      Downloading issue. It is possible to try launcher rather than a zip file.
  •      The game development is not yet finished.
  •      Many Physics bugs throughout the game.
  •      There are Some of the features like Settings, Extras etc are not yet lively or hidden.


Each gamer has their own preference for picking games. Some individuals prefer some other enjoys strategy games, FPS games, and some folks love racing games. Lander Simulator is a stealth game. There'll be a few updates for the game with more features and fewer bugs in each month. May try playing the game on their PC.

You can improve the game by submitting bugs to the developers. When the match is prepared for complete launch, you can download with the launcher itself. This will be a popular game shortly. If you have any questions regarding the game installation, please comment it under.