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Your USB PlumBob Flash Drive

How to Download Stuff to your USB PlumBob Flash Drive
by Valzgr8 Sims3Fanatic

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I recently had a new Sims3Fanatics member ask a question.
“How do I download stuff to my PlumBob?”
She was talking about the 2GB USB PlumBob Flash Drive that comes with ‘The Sims3: Collector’s Edition’. I thought that there might be other Sims3Fanatics out there who want to know the same thing, so I decided to put together a little tutorial to show my Sims3 friends how they can get the most out of their little toy.
Incidentally, I have one and I love it!
I like to hold it over my head when I’m walking through Walmart just to let everyone there know that I am the selected sim!
This tutorial is written for people who have little to no clue on how to deal with downloading things to a removable drive. If you yourself have knowledge of how to do some of the steps in this ‘How to’, simply skip to the next part.

NOTE:This tutorial will also work for other USB flash drives, such as those listed in the image left. However, the flash drive’s name ‘TheSims3CE’ will not apply to other brand flash drives. In those cases, look for a title that will reflect the name of the flash drives brand, model, or both.  
Image FlashDrives - Click Image to enlarge
 For your convenience, I have attached a .DOC version of this tutorial to print and read later. You will find it for download at the end of this tutorial.