The Seed of the Idea. During one of her many trips over the last several years with Rich on his 2002 Harley Davidson Fat Boy, Rich told Piglet he has always wanted to travel the original U.S. Route 50, from its East Coast end point in Ocean City, Maryland to its West Coast end point in Sacramento, California. Now, he wanted to do it on the Harley. They chatted about it and tossed the idea around. They bought books and examined maps. They asked themselves, “Can we really do this on the bike?” They decided they could and that they really wanted to. Then they had to decide when to plan it, and how to get back to Virginia from California…on the Harley! Route 50 coast to coast is just over 3,000 miles. A round trip would be over 6,000 miles. Lots of Iron Butt time in their future, they thought. “Better get back to the gym with a vengeance!” To do the trip without killing themselves, at a pace of about 300 miles a day, would mean at least 20 days. “Well,” they figured, “let’s go ahead and take 30 days to allow ourselves time to rest our butts here and there and get the necessary bike service”. Then, when? Rich is self-employed so could plan it almost any time. Piglet works for a large firm with a forward-thinking Manager. She thought about her work year and noted that August is a very quiet month, when most of the staff takes vacations. Also, her birthday is in August and she realized that in 2006 she would celebrate her 50th birthday! “Oh My!” So they decided on August, 2006 for this big adventure. In February, Piglet met with the Manager. His decision would mean, “We’re going!” or, “We’re not going.” To Piglet’s surprise, the Manager was more supportive of the idea than she imagined. He said it sounded very exciting, the timing was fine and gave his full approval. So Piglet and Rich began to iron out the trip details!

Route 50 out, Route 60 back. On Saturday, August 5, 2006 Piglet and Rich will depart Ocean City, Maryland to head west on U.S. Route 50, through 11 states to California. They will travel about 300 miles a day, and will chart their progress on this map. When they get to Sacramento, they will head to the coast and drive down the Pacific Coast Highway to San Diego. From there they’ll take I-10 to the Arizona border where they can hook up with Route 60 and take it through about 6 more states all the way back to Virginia Beach.

The Challenge. Many people think Piglet will worry and be nervous and maybe even bail out along the way. Piglet thinks they have no idea what she is capable of. (Actually, Piglet has no idea what she is really capable of but she wants to find out!) Piglet worries about Rich, because ALL the driving and stress associated with it is on him. “No problem”, he says, “I can do it.” Piglet says, “Oh Rich, you are The Man!” Find out how it all turns out on Labor Day weekend, when they return to Virginia Beach, Virginia via Route 60 right down Shore Drive to the Atlantic Ocean.

Here is a Basic Map of our route.
(if you can't see the map click here)