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          The Simpsons Family

                    Homer J. Simpson 

          Main Characters

                    C. Montgomery Burns

                    Apu Nahasapeemapetilon

                    Ned Flanders

                    Krusty the Clown

                    Moe Syzlak

                    Chief Wiggum

                    Milhouse van Houten (coming soon)

                    Principal Skinner

          Supporting Characters

                    Lenny & Carl

                    Lionel Hutz


Episode Guide

          Episode pages coming soon!

          Season 8 (incomplete)

          Season 12 (incomplete)

          Season 15 (incomplete)

          Season 16

          Season 17

          Season 18 (incomplete)

          Season 19 (not up to date)

          My 25 Essential Episodes (incomplete)


Springfield Nuclear Power Plant

          History of Springfield (incomplete)

          Springfield Visitors Guide (coming soon)

          Mindset of Moe (coming soon)

          Radioactivity for Dummies (coming soon)

          Ramblings and Criticisms (coming soon)

          Tyrant Tips (coming soon)

          The Invisible Typewriter (coming soon)

          The Priorities of Life (coming soon)

          The Bright Side of Life (coming soon)

          Malpractice Monthly (coming soon)

          Great Gossip (coming soon)

          Springfield the Gullible (coming soon)


Moe's Tavern

          Quotes (incomplete)

          Couch Gags (coming soon)

          Chalkboard Gags (incomplete)

          Homerisms (coming soon)

          Song Lyrics (incomplete

                    Songs from "The President Wore Pearls"

                    Everybody Hates Ned Flanders


                    We are the Jockeys

          Church Marquees (coming soon)



          Cast List

                    Cast List by Character (coming soon)

          Unseen Geniuses (coming soon)




The Simpsons Movie

          Cast by Actor

                    Cast by Character

          Movie Plot (incomplete)

          Movie Quotes (coming soon)




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          Homer Simpson on the Late Show with David Letterman

          Quotes Links


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          Merry Christmas from The Simpsons (coming soon)

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