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Everything you need to know about the Simpsons Directory

The Simpsons Directory is designed as a place for fans, old and new, to come for any information about the Simpsons they may need.  For example, if you need to know Chief Wiggum's thoughts on being a police chief, check out "The Invisible Typewriter", a metaphor he himself used when he didn't believe anyone who came to report something.  Or, if you need refreshment on the episode "Trilogy of Error", see the Season 12 Episode Guide.  Here at the Simpsons Directory, there is something for all types of fans.

This sight is designed with directories, or different clusters of pages.  The Character Bios takes you where you can find small bios of each character from Ned Flanders to Lionel Hutz.  The Episode Guide takes you where you can link to different seasons containing different Episode Summaries.  Springfield Nuclear Power Plant takes you where you can see the opinions of each character throug works of writing from "History of Springfield" by Lisa Simpson to "Springfield the Gullible" by Lindsay Naegle.  Moe's Tavern takes you where you can find different lists and guides, such as Quotes, Song Lyrics, Chalkboard Gags, and Homerisms.  The Kwik-E-Mart is where you can find production information, including the Cast List and the Unseen Geniuses behind the show.  Quizzes will take you where you can test your Simpsons knowledge (be warned, these are not easy quizzes).  Then, The Simpsons Movie will take you where you can get all of the information you need on the movie.  Links will take you to other Simpsons sites as well as some of my other sites.  Old Pages will take you to outdated or unused pages that don't have a place to fit anymore.  And, Finally, Site Map will direct you through the site.

Keep in mind that even though I hope this site to be a full-grown directory, it is nowhere near that level at this point.  Yes, I know, many character bios are missing, and many episode guides are missing.  I hope to get all characters in as soon as possible, including the lesserknowns such as Cookie Kwan, Mr. Costington, and Howard K. Duff VIII.  At the moment, my priorities are Bios and Episode Guides, but I will continue to work on the pages in Moe's Tavern and Springfield Nuclear Power Plant along with the "Unseen Geniuses" page.  This site has come a long way in the last month and a half, and I hope to continue that pace.

Until then, enjoy what's here now, and keep your eye out for updates!