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Sunday, February 24th:

8E/7C: Eternal Moonshine of the Simpson Mind - When Homer wakes up to find that he remembers nothing in the past 24 hours, he goes to Moe's to find out what happened.  Homer finds out he drank a "Forget Me Shot", which erases the past 24 hours of one's memory.  Homer is determined to explore his memories and find out what horrible thing he did that made him want to forget it.

8:30E/7:30C: Treehouse of Horror XVIII - Bart and Lisa unknowingly help Kodos organize an Earth invasion, Homer and Marge are Mr. and Mrs. Simpson in a parody of Mr. and Mrs. Smith, and Flanders summons God to create a "Heck House" to show Bart, Lisa, Nelson, and Milhouse what will happen to them if they keep their tricks up.

Sunday, March 2nd:

8E/7C: The Debarted *NEW* - When all of Bart's pranks begin to backfire, Bart begins to suspect that one of his friends is behind their sabotage; Marge wrecks the Simpsons' car and Homer is reluctant to return the loaned car when the car is fixed.

Sunday, March 9th:

8E/7C: Dial "N" for Nerder *NEW* - Bart and Lisa believe themselves to be murderers when a prank goes wrong (If you want to know who, check the title, it's a giveaway (it's not Milhouse)); Marge believes Homer to be cheating on his new diet.