Description of Mentoring Teacher Responsibilities

Simpson College Education Department Practicum:  Description of Mentoring Teacher Responsibilities

Field experiences are, as you know, a significant tool for providing preservice teachers with the opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills they gain in the college classroom within an authentic, realistic setting. In order to make this experience as instructive as possible, we ask mentoring teachers to assume the following responsibilities:

1. Introductions. Introduce the practicum student to your classroom, the school, and building principal. Arrange a tour of the facilities.

2. Schedule. Assist the practicum student in setting up a schedule for the placement. Be available to collaborate on team plans.

3. Progression of Experiences. Facilitate the practicum student’s induction into your classroom through progression of experiences and responsibilities. Move the practicum student from observation to working with small groups to teaching a whole-class lesson. Practicum students are encouraged to keep the observation phase to a minimum.

4. Promote Professionalism. Encourage the practicum student to take initiative and ask questions.

5. Philosophy of Education. Share your philosophy of education and classroom management with the practicum student.

6. Lesson Planning. Provide feedback and suggestions on practicum student’s lesson plans before they are taught.

7. Informal Feedback. Provide oral or written feedback on practicum student’s daily performance.

8. Formal Feedback. Practicum students will be required to lead teach multiple lessons during this placement. We ask that you complete a Simpson written observation/feedback form for at least one of these lessons. Please give this form to the practicum student.

9. Final Evaluation. Complete an online final evaluation form. If time permits, please share your comments one-on-one with the practicum student.