What's new

This page describes and planned or released updates to Simpogical. If you are waiting for an update, please understand that updates needs to be tested and approved by the App Store.

20/07/2010 - Release of v1.0 on the app store. The application has now been approved and is available on the iTunes App Store.

21/07/2010 - I've now started thinking about some planned features for v1.01 - currently, this is limited to exploring further performance enhancements (especially on older iPhones) and responses to any bug reports received (none so far).

22/07/2010 - v1.01 submitted to the app store. Resolved a small issue which made the application feel slow when adding or removing terms. I also created a short YouTube video demonstrating the app. The link is here.

24/07/2010 - v1.01 of Simpogical Lite has been submitted to the App Store. It's virtually the same app, but limited to a maximum of 4 variables.

29/07/2010 - v1.01 of Simpogical has been approved. This has some minor changes to improve performance.