Simply युवा

  'I am Young and me too have Deams'

 -Shaheed Bhagat Singh



It is yet another start from youth of India, among numerous diverse efforts. The voices of youth come in bold and innovative way.  Simply Yuva , is platform for independent expression by youths.


Unlike rest of the world, Indian youth not only concerned with Sex, City, Fashion and Money; they are also very much aware to the mess of politics, corruption and future of India. It is positive trend to see that joining politics is no worse thing for youth. Now they think that, It is the only way to put country on right track.  Main objective of Simply Yuva is to promote and nurture such efforts though web/print media


Our main stream media is producing disastrous feed to children and youths. While making poor copy of western media all forget Indian values and need of a youth in current circumstances. Even vernacular media is fallowing them. And you have no option to choose among them. My efforts are to eliminate such drawbacks and give a shape for positive medium for youths.


Just in innovative way to put all creative and expressive works together with least intervention by editor. It will work as an embryo for independent and courageous youth voice.

            First issue is in front of you! Due to legal aspects and other financial-technological aspects, this issue must be viewed as Blog-cum-Webzine. I accept that it has many lacks due to scare resources time. I hope we will have better and organized next issues.


Best whishes.


Amit Kumar

(Founder Editor and Coordinator)