Chocolate Bites and Bars

1 lb. dark chocolate, tempered

variety of raw nuts or seeds

flaked unsweetened coconut

roasted cacao nibs

freeze dried strawberries and rasperries

dried rose petals

dried lavender

bee pollen

molds or wax paper

Tempering chocolate 101

1.  Place chocolate glass or metal bowl in an oven heated to 100 degrees F.  Not one degree hotter.  Cover with aluminum foil and let the chocolate melt overnight or several hours.  

2.  When ready to use the chocolate, place bowl over barely simmering water and bring the temperature to 113 degrees.  

3.  Remove the bowl from the water and add a small amount of shaved or chopped chocolate to the warm chocolate and stir the chocolate until the temperature has lowered to 84 degrees.

4. Place the bowl back over the hot water and bring the temperature up to 86 degrees and stir for about 5 minutes holding it at that temperature.  

5.  Now you can pour the chocolate into the molds.  I know this seems like such a hassel, but worth it in the end.  Arrange with your favorite nuts, fruits, seeds, etc.

6.  Cooling the chocolate is equally as important.  Chocolate cools and hardens best at an ambient room temperature of 68 degrees.  Cool weather is better for making candy.  

Store in a cool place.  Once the chocolate is tempered, relax and enjoy making your own variations and flavors.  I can't think of any further instructions to give you.  If you have questions, just shoot me the question in the "contact me" drop down and I'll respond as soon as I can.  

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