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Mother's Day

(05.09.2009) Aiden and Matthew surprised me a day early with a picnic in the park!  It was really nice and we all enjoyed eating the delicious food we picked out.  Aiden did not have such a good time when we put his hat and glasses on him!

Donkey Kong

(05.02.2009) We found this bouncy donkey in Santa Monica and Aiden really enjoyed playing on it.  We would have bought it but the Sweedish company wanted $50 for it!

The kid has a walker

(04.18.09) Aiden has had a rough couple of weeks.  After a bout of the stomach flu, he now has a cold!  The poor guy can't catch a break.  I guess that is what happens when you are in play group with other kidlets...germs, germs, germs!

On a bright note, we have gotten him a musical walker which he loves.  He cannot steer it, cannot control it, and often flips it over and lands on it...but boy does he love to try to run around the house!

Random Oldies

(04.14.09)  Here are some old videos that we never put up on the site!  They are in order of oldest to newest.  I can't believe he used to be so little!

First Easter

(04.12.09) Aiden enjoyed his first Easter, although I don't think he got the concept of the Easter Bunny.  He seemed to have fun destroying the baskets!

Bunny BoysRaking those gums

Water Boy

(04.06.09) Aiden loves water, no matter if it is real or just a toy!


Easter Egg Hunt

(03.31.09) My MOM's club had an Easter egg hunt and visit from the Easter Bunny for all of the kidlets.  Aiden didn't seem to impressed or phased by the whole event.  There's always next year!


Everything's Bigger at Buca

(03.30.2009) We all went to Buca di Beppo for my birthday and even Aiden enjoyed the giant portions!  Mommy enjoyed the wine  =)


 Swinging Fool

(03.28.09) This boy loves to swing!  We need to get one installed in our house.


Tooth #3 for our foodie

(03.27.09)  Aiden has been having a tough time the past couple of nights...he has been up crying hysterically for no apparent reason.  Well, it looks like his third tooth is popping through, so hopefully this is the reason for all of those tears.  He is also showing quite a bit of interest in table foods, so we have been branching out with his feedings.  Aiden now loves trying to gum down all types of solids.  He is working on his pincher-grip while he tries to eat little fruit/veggie puffs, baby crispy sticks, fruit, and teething cookies! 


What he does best!

(03.27.09) Aiden loves to goof off!

Crawling and Standing!

(03.25.09)  It is official:  Aiden is into everything!  He began crawling about a month ago and is perfecting it.  He has the hardest time when he is wearing clothes because he is small and his pants/pajamas are large on him...he gets all caught up in the fabric and trips himself!  Without pants, don't leave anything on the floor!!  In the last weeks he is obsessed with pulling himself up on anything that will (and some things that won't) support his weight.  He is scooting along the edge of things and even trying to move from one object to another.  He isn't that great yet, which results in a lot of falling.  He has bumped his head pretty good on several occasions.  Maybe we will get him a helmet....


6 Month Stats

(03.02.09) Aiden is a little over six months and we have just come back from the doctor:

Height: 26.5 inches, Weight: 15 lbs 2 oz

The doctor says that he is small for his age, but it is probably because he is so active!  He spends most of his time trying to crawl and cause trouble.  He almost has crawling down.  Just another week or so and we will need to do some serious baby-proofing!

My Two Front Teeth!

(02.28.09) We finally got a good-ish picture of those two bottom teeth.  Everytime we tried, Aiden would close his mouth and whine.  These teeth both popped through  at around 5 months...within two weeks of each other.  We think he might be getting some top teeth shortly...all the symptoms of teething have returned!!


First Hike

(02.20.09)  We took Aiden on his first hike and he loved it!  He is always happiest when he is outside.  We took turns carrying him in the frontpack and have decided that we need a backpack because he is getting heavy!

More Pics

(02.12.09)  See "Vegetables & Vitamins".  As you'll see more food ended up on his face than in his mouth, but we're getting better everyday.  He loves his veggies (sweet potatoes, squash, peas, carrots, green beans) and fruit (pears), but hates his viatmins.  He makes the best "sour" face I've ever seen. It's hilarious. 

We've had a couple of rough weeks recently, we were all sick.  Aiden did okay with his first cold and still managed to stay pretty chipper.  Mom and I were a different story.  We're all feeling better now and have been enjoying a couple of very average and uneventfull weeks.  We needed it!

P.S.  Aiden is growing his first two teeth (bottom fronts)

Hope everyone is doing well.  We miss you.

Picture Update

(01.03.09) When it rains it pours.  With such a busy year end something had to give, but we're back on track and have uploaded several sets of pictures.  Thank those of you who kept the bug in our ear to get this done.

The traveling was hectic at times but it was great to see everyone and we're really happy the times we had were so enjoyable. 

Christmas was bittersweet.  Although very special for us and a great time to spend with Aiden, we missed all of you and wanted nothing more than to be together.  You are in our hearts and we really love the excitement everyone showed for our new family and our lil' guy. 

New Years was a wee-bit different with a 4 month old.  Apparently he didn't get the memo telling him that Mom and Dad were up late partying and to help out by sleeping in.  Instead Aiden insisted on joining the party upstairs, waking just before midnight, again at 3am, and at 6am.  We haven't had a night like that in months.  Although it took a few days to catch up on sleep, we're feeling good and excited for the new year!


Halloween Pictures

(11.01.08) See "Two Months" and "Trick or Treat We Will Go". Love you and hope you're doing well, The Siddalls! 


Aiden's U.S. Tour

(09.01.08) Following a visit by Grandma and Grandpa Waltemade (Izzy and Papaw), we unexpectedly hopped on a plane to Chicago.  We spent several days there, an afternoon in Michigan City, and several days in Knoxville, TN.  Go to the Photos page to see these latest pictures. 

Introducing Aiden Robert Siddall

(08.26.08) Born at 6:03pm, weighing in at 8lbs-1 ounce, and 20 inches long please say hello to our beautiful baby boy!  Mom and baby are doing well.  More pics and details coming soon..... 

More Aiden Pics Here


The big day...but no baby!

(08.21.08) Well, today is the due date.  We are ready....but where is the baby?!  We are off to the doctor this afternoon to see if this baby will be born anytime soon.  We tried to rock it out last night when we attended a Jamie Cullum concert at the Hollywood Bowl.  Nothing doing.  Apparently Kirstin's belly is just too comfortable.  Perchance it is all of the ice cream that she eats?

Nothing yet...

(08.19.08)  We are two days away from the due date, but nothing yet!  It is getting pretty difficult to wait!  The doctor says if nothing happens, we will be induced next Thursday or Friday.  Within ten days we will meet this little one...

Final Countdown!

(07.30.08)  We are down to the final weeks and couldn't be more excited!  Baby KirMatt seems to be ready to go, which is great because there doesn't appear to be too much room left in the belly.  We are so ready to meet the little one that has kept us laughing, guessing, loving, crying, smiling, and not sleeping for the past 37 weeks.  It's so soon but it seems so far away...

The nest is almost ready for the baby bird!


Eco-Friendly Dad Misinterprets "Going Green":  Dedicates Baby's Room to Brett Favre




Con-graduations Mommy! 


(05.18.08) U rule Kirstin! We Love you!


The Gorilla King

(04.24.08)  Parents proud and full of pride, we're transforming weary water cooler conversation into contagious kid-talk.  Although months have passed, not a waking hour goes by without thinking about Baby Siddall.  How could anything attract so much of our heart?  Everything we do has new shape, new inspiration, and new meaning....


God Bless Evolution!

(01.24.08)  Anxiously we began the ultrasound.  Comforted by the outline of a classic bobble-headed baby we smiled and without hesitation glanced towards the middle of the screen.  The Doctor knew what we came to see and as we looked closer everything around us began to disappear.  It was all starting to happen.  This moment, the most important of all, was undeniably ours.

Time slowed, the image focused, and for the very first time we saw our baby's beating heart..... 


Sex in the Sid-y:

(04.24.08) All wheels are in full motion. We parted ways with our VW, we're on the move, and the baby is too. For the past several weeks Baby Siddall has been more and more active. From little butterflies to full summersaults and even visible movements on Moms belly.

Behind the scenes Mom has been hard at work. She is counting down her final days to graduation. May 18th she will be receiving her Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Development from California State Fullerton. Way to go Kir!!!


(01.24.08) Mom is doing well as she turned the corner in her roller- coaster ride with morning sickness.  Our latest feat has been to identify the nauseating smell coming from the fridge.  Ironically this smell can only be detected by the super-spidy senses of a pregnant Mom.  Needless to say, Dad continues to scratch his head on this one.  Not to worry though folks, we've called in Arm&Hammer for backup. 

Dad has begun lining up all necessary nesting projects.  Feeling bold after the great news about his baby, he will test his entire skill set by attempting to remodel a bedroom, sell a car, clean a garage, and assemble various furniture items.  Expectations are low but promising. 





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