Retail Selling - The Basics


Week 1 I am a customer too
Week 2 The sales process
Week 3 The follow up and questions


Thank you for that introduction.............I am in reality a humble salesman trying to make a living!!!

I use and refer to notes so i don't miss anything

Tony Everitt- New Zealand, Not the island to the west (Australia) which has 70 of the 100 most venomous every-things in the world.

Apologise to 2% of you who will not relate to me at all - that's statistics, just hang in there

Sam Walton- anyone know who he is....................quotes

"The customer can fire us all from the managing director all the way to the janitor, simply by shopping somewhere else"

We will discuss;

Human nature- difference between woman and men shoppers, men hunters, woman browse.........

We will discuss how to quickly identify what type of personality and what mood your shopper is in and how to understand that personality or mood? 

1) Week 1  

a) Why am I here, b) I am a customer too, c) Recognising the different types of stock in my store, 
Homework: Starting the sales Process

a) Why am I here? (Attitude) 

Company history; Test next week? Prizes

I know why I'm here,but 

Why are you here? Who's been here the longest - shortest? Do you love your job? Would you come to work if we didn't pay you? 

Who is self employed here? Q. Would I have gotten ready for work the same way today if I was working in my own company? Think about yesterday....what would i have done differently if this was my own business

HARD WORK- Who would work harder if they were paid more? Do the reverse. Work harder and the chances are you will get paid more.

ENTHUSIASM- Read the quote from Frank Bettger  

Who would like to work for themselves one day? Its a good idea if you act everyday as if this was your business. Example who is the first to arrive and the last to leave each day??

OK What is our job as employees working at Boswell's? 

Ask some people what they do here?

"To completely satisfy our customer" 

However as we know by experience that sometimes is a very difficult task. (In the next session we will be talking about the mood of the sale)

When does the sale finish (Trick question) It doesn't in Week 3 we will talk about the follow-up and the fact that the sales never ends if we do our job right and build relationships.

This leads me into the next topic.........

b) I am a customer too 

Why is it that two complete strangers can come into our store, you approach them and get a completely different response from both of them. 

Imagine if we could install a device over the door that electronically tagged each customer with a mood sign above them so we would know what to do with each of them.

We can gain a little knowledge understanding the personality types and human behaviour, Book by Florence Littaeur, "Personality Plus" , Melancholy, sanguine, Phlegmatic, Choleric..Tony Explain

Human behaviour is different between the sexes, "Men are from Mars women are from Venus" by Dr John Gray. Example Shopping.......Women will happily spend all day in town 8 hours or more and come home with nothing!! That's why shops have TV's with sports channels by the changing rooms, Men want to go hunting..............................Marketers have realised that as long as they recognise that the genders shop differently then sales will flourish  

One way to understand our customers is to study our own shopping experiences

Think of a recent shopping experience that you really enjoyed.
What was it about that experience that you enjoyed? Note it down

Think of a recent shopping experience that you really didn't enjoy
What was it about that experience that you really didn't enjoy.

Ever felt, bullied, pressured, stressed, awkward, lost, bemused, inept, by a sales assistant. 

These are the real situations you can use to learn how to act and how not to act with your customers

Do you know the one thing that disarms people and opens us up the most ...........a smile. 

c) 3 different types of stock in my store at any one time

What type of stock do I have in the store? Basic everyday, Promotional, clearance. 

Next week we are going to cover the sales process; can anyone briefly outline the 5 stages of the sales process for me? 

Homework; Take the following S.M.I.L.E and link a word to each that you think describes the sales process

Week 2 "The Sales Process"

Would anyone like to tell me the difference between excitement and enthusiasm?


I is for Investigate, here we will cover the mood of the sale

Up selling. This is our good, better, best scenario,  USE THIS VIP 

Week 3 "Add on sales, "When does the sale finish?" and the ten Questions"

Name badges.........

Approaching the customer what do I say??? Who struggles here really?????

Get used to speaking your name.....................want to be noticed tell everyone your name

VIP, tell the customer your name early early early personalise the experience......................... Hi I'm Ally and I work here at "Smiths", please let me know if I can help you in any way in store  today, thanks

Last week we touched on Up-Selling as a way to increase sales

This week ........add on sales (Who started this? McDonald's, now look at Boots)

Add on sales e.g McDonald's, Up size!!, Focus Didcott, would you like a special on batteries with that, good idea but no relevance.

You have to suggest relevant items to add on. Homework find 10 items that are commonly bought in your department and write down an add on item that you could suggest to add to the main purchase 

a) It could be either a spontaneous purchase 10-20% of the value of the original purchase or
b) Another considered purchase that could be of similar value but very relevant (Eg. In the Linen department Sheets, duvet cover, pillow cases, mattress protector, Valance. In the china department, Dinner set, sugar and creams teapots, bake ware, candlesticks, etc etc.

Quick, relevant (Focus), Affordable (Spec, Discretionary, random, Ad hock, off the cuff purchase), convenient. (Quote Inside out group raising profits)

After the transaction is complete................

Thank you  "Thank you for buying at Boswells today" 
Invitation to come again "and I hope to see you again in the store"

When does the sale finish? 

Company USP.

Refresh Q & A

Q1. Sam Walton's Quote
Q2. What's the No.1 thing we must always paint on? (Smile)
Q3. What's the No.1 thing we must always bring to work each day? (Enthusiasm)
Q4. What's the one thing we must never say when we approach a customer? Why (Can I Help you? Why because it is a Closed Question)
Q5. What's the No.1 rule with customers? "The customer is always right................) 
Q6. What is a simple Q to help us Determine the mood of the customer or the sale (The Weather Q)
Q7. What year was this business formed? 
Q8. S.M.I.L.E
Q9. What's is our USP?

Tell the customer your full name and give them a card if the sale is over 50 pounds, encourage after sale contact.