Programme Contents

Effective Selling;

1) One Burning Question?  Why are you in Business?

The critical ingredient to your business success

2) What is my USP (Unique Selling Proposition)

How do I stand apart from my competitors?

3) How do I grow my Business?

There are 5 strategies for growth.........

4) Who is my customer?

A couple of tips on gathering customer information

5) Building Customer Traffic;

Effective  ways to grow your customer base

6) Effective Advertising 

a) What is "Call to action" advertising?
b) Which Media - Print, Radio, Internet, Mobile?
c) Novelty advertising- How can you be innovative

7) The Sales Process:

a)  S.M.I.L.E
b) Up selling
c) Add on Selling

8) Staff Training;

a) Why I am Here?
b) What is my Role?
c) What is my Job Description?
d) How am I managed?
e) Where to from here?

9) Product Training 

"A clearly defined product proposition"

a) Product knowledge
b) Features and Benefits
c) Guarantees
d) Displays and Presentation