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I'm a Managing director, sales manager, a team leader, I'm self employed..........

And every Monday morning I ask my self the same question 

"How do I get more sales and more margin this week?"

Ask yourself the following questions?

1) Do my sales people have clearly defined roles?
2) Do my sales people understand what we expect of them?
3) Are there KPI"s (key performance indicators) attached to their roles
4) Do they have sufficient incentives to perform in their roles?
5) What makes my sales force tick
6) Do they understand the basics of selling?

This and many more answers are provided in my 1/2 day Simplysalesproject.

You see there are hundreds of large multi national sales companies professing to be able to turn your average employee into a "selling machine".

But you know what selling is a simple art based around six key areas. 

Your sales team is probably doing them already they just may not know why they are doing them

Let me take your team through a half day seminar on "simplysales", 

I guarantee that by the end they will not only know more but they will know why they are selling for you

Tony Everitt