Who is Jesus to you?

This is the most important question you will ever answer in life. Feel free to look around this site and learn about us, but really nothing else you find will matter as much as this single question. So, who is Jesus to you right now?

Is He divine or human?
Is He mean or nice?
Is He inclusive or exclusive?
Is He dead or alive?
Is He close or distant?
Is He real or a myth?
Is He essential or irrelevant?
Is He a Savior? King? Friend? Judge? Spirit?

You can start here to find truthful answers to the question, "Who is Jesus?"

Ultimately, though, you are still left with the question of, Who is Jesus to you?

The most important part of any of our church groups or ministries is giving people the opportunity to explore this question together. 
It is awesome how God can bring all of our individual answers to this question together to create a beautiful mosaic in community.