101 Things To Do With A Diaper Cake


1. Personalize It.
2. Fill with hidden gifts.
3. Send a diaper cake instead of flowers to the hospital.
4. Add a flower corsage to the top when using as a centerpiece.
5. Add silk flowers to the tiers.
6. Set a stuffed animal on top.
7. Tie a bib around it.

As A Centerpiece...
8. Use the diaper cake as a topper to an edible cake for a baby shower.
9. Put twinkle lights around it to give it a little extra sparkle at a baby shower.
10. Set punch cups around it to make it look real.
11. Set it on a glass or silver cake plate with a real cake knife near by.
12. Tie balloons to it.
13. Stack several diaper cakes together for a HUGE centerpiece.
14. Set on dresser or changing table to add to the nursery decor.
15. Set on a pedestal for a great effect.
16. Set votive candles or tea lights around it for an evening baby shower.
17. Use as a prize in a raffle drawing.
18. Put a diaper cake next to a collection envelope in the office break room for the next baby shower.
19. Have the diaper cake as an elegant centerpiece at tea time.

As A Gift...
20. Take diaper cake with a hot meal to a family with a newborn.
21. Bring a diaper cake when going to the hospital to visit a new "mom."
22. Congratulate a new grandmother with a diaper cake.
23. Celebrate a conception by delivering a diaper cake with a note of congratulations.
24. Donate a diaper cake to a home for teen mothers.
25. Celebrate an adoption with a diaper cake.
26. Bring a diaper cake to the new daycare.
27. Celebrate the results of an ultrasound with a diaper cake.
28. Send a diaper cake instead of flowers!
29. Send two to celebrate twins.
30. Ship a diaper cake to a friend who lives out of state.
31. Leave on the doorstep of a neighbor who just had a new baby.
32. Cheer up a mom on bed rest waiting for her baby to come.
33. Donate it to the church nursery.

Fill It With Goodies...
34. Bottle
35. Baby blanket rolled up
36. Baby outfit
37. Baby wipes
38. Receiving blankets
39. Can of formula
40. A bottle of bubble bath for "mommy."
41. A baby powder scented candle.
42. A bottle of champagne.
43. Baby socks.
44. Handmade baby blanket.
45. First aid kit.
46. Bedroom slippers for the mom-to-be
47. A toy or blanket that used to belong to mommy or daddy.

Themed Diaper Cakes...
48. Put scrapbook supplies in the middle with a note that says "Happy Scrappin'."
49. Make it a meal-time cake by adding a bib, baby spoon, baby cup, etc.
50. Make it a bath-time cake by adding washcloths, baby shampoo, rubber ducky, etc.
51. Make it a swim-time diaper cake with swim diapers, a bathing suit, and pool shoes.
52. Make it a special cake for a baby girl by including a dress, booties, brush and comb.
53. Make it an heirloom cake by including a silver spoon, an old bonnet, a Bible, etc.
54. Make it a teething diaper cake with some teethers and Baby Orajel.
55. Fill it with manicure items and a note that says "the tender touch of a mother's hand."

Top It With...
56. A corsage for the mom-to-be
57. Real flowers
58. Baby shoes
59. Stuffed animal
60. Bow
61. Tie a pacifier on with pretty ribbon
62. Insert a bottle with a ribbon tied around it
63. Put a baby dress over the top of it to make a "dress diaper cake"
64. Put a "snugglie" blanket over the top.
65. Add iridescent shred for sparkle.
66. Put a dress-up crown on top to make it a "princess" diaper cake.
67. A cowboy hat.

Between The Diapers...
68. Hide notes of encouragement for the new parent between the diapers.
69. Put "coupons" between each diaper such as "free babysitting" or "free diaper change."
70. Candy or chocolates or sticks of chewing gum
71. Put dollar bills between each diaper with a note that says "if I had a dollar for every time I changed a diaper."
72. Messages to the baby.
73. Packets of tea.

74. A bible verse
75. A poem
76. A gift card
77. A letter to baby
78. The book "What To Expect When You Are Expecting" or "The Girlfriend's Guide To Pregnancy"

If You Are A Husband...
79. Leave a diaper cake on the counter in the kitchen with a note of love to your wife.
80. Use as a centerpiece during a meal to celebrate conception. Add a bottle of champagne.
81. Set inside the washing machine or dryer with a note that says "thank you."
82. Put it inside the oven with a note that says "baked to perfection."

If You Are A Grandmother...
83. Write a special note to the new parent to be and include it with your diaper cake.
84. Add an heirloom item to the middle of the diaper cake.
85. Make a diaper cake for the baby shower.
86. Put a blanket or outfit in it from your daughter when she was a baby.
87. Put money inside. :)

88. If you are a boss, congratulate your employees with a diaper cake.
89. Real estate agents can use diaper cakes to congratulate expectant home owners.
90. Give to a pregnant teacher at your child's school.
91. Donate a diaper cake to March Of Dimes or United Way.
92. Play a game at the baby shower to "guess how many diapers are in the diaper cake."
93. Make the diaper cake the prize at the end of a treasure hunt.
94. Welcome a new family to the neighborhood or church with a diaper cake.
95. Make a "One Year Old" diaper cake for baby's first birthday and use larger diapers.
96. Bring a diaper
cake to work to congratulate a co-worker.
97. Give a diaper cake to a less fortunate family - diapers are always appreciated.
98. Make it square instead of round!
99. Put a musical toy or rattle inside so it makes noise.
100. Set a lamp on top.
101. Take the idea and make a diaper "creation" instead.

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