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Nicole Panico 




Simply Canine is a small business providing personalized, in-home, services to help dogs and their owners live much happier lives together.


The Trainer

My name is Nicole Panico.  I have been training dogs, big and small, for 5 years in both class settings and in private homes.  My travels have taken me throughout Massachusetts as well as to New Hampshire and Rhode Island. 

I take great pride in teaching owners the skills to work through challenges with their dog. I always teach with patience and a smile.   

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~In-Home Training~ 

I specialize in dogs that have behavioral problems such as biting, chewing, digging, barking, jumping etc., along with those who have environmental training challenges such as dog aggression, socialization, and obedience in the presence of distractions. In-home training is very convenient, and personalized to your dog’s specific needs. No challenge is too big or too small.


I also specialize in obedience, from the basics (heel, sit, and stay) to off-leash.  Obedience training is taught without the use of treats or clickers, instead, using your praise and encouragement to reward your dog. 

~Dog Walking~ 

 Along with training, I also provide dog walking services. Dog walking is on an individual basis as opposed to having multiple dogs at one time. This allows for the dog, his or her own personal dog walker. As much attention needed can be provided. 



Each new client begins with an in-home evaluation.  This gives me the opportunity to meet you and your dog, discuss your needs, and come up with a personalized package for your needs.  Packages are determined by the needs of you and your dog. 

Dog walking begins at $15 per 30 minute walk.  Clients outside of a 10 mile radius, please call for pricing: 617-750-2043.

How many miles away am I?


I looking forward to working with you and your dog!


Why Can't We All Just Get Along?

  • Love your neighbors?  
  • Neighborhood dogs don't love each other?  
  • Let's fix it all together!

 I will come to your neighborhood and conduct classes.  This is a very cost effective way to train your dog in their own environment.  We will cover:

  1. Heel
  2. Sit
  3. Down 
  4. Stay
  5. Come 
  6. Any specific behavioral issues
So get your neighbors and their dogs together and sign up NOW!