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The importance of measurable feedback.
Measurable feedback to the typical person is the amount of money that they bring home the end of the week. The other typical things we think of feedback in the personal realm is how long do your relationships last. Are you getting what you expect out of life.

The difficulty is that most the time we don't think about whether we get any feedback from what we're doing. One of the common ways to maintain personal feedback is to create a journal of the events that happen around you. But in order to make this effective you have to start out with the idea of having a system which defines the relationship between where you want to go and where you are and what are the steps between.

For instance we can map out a goal like losing weight. The first parameter at the point in time where you are right now is deciding where you want to go and is it reasonable. A simple system to figure this out would be to know your height and look at what your weight should be on a BMI schedule. If the rate you choose put you in the normal range there is reasonable chance to obtaining this particular way over a period of time. And therefore the call is reasonable.(To choose an unreasonable call is to set yourself up for failure). The next is a period of time it will take to achieve this goal. The important part here is what will motivate you to complete your task. For me it was simply I want to be able to enjoy more of nature coupled with an unexpected hospital visit. The doctor had not actually asked me to lose weight. But it was a good stepping stone. To do what I have been neglecting to do for many years. My original call was to lose 10 pounds in one year.
Is provided a simple intention to lose about 1 pound per month. The first part of the year went very easily losing eight of the 10 pounds before the middle of summer. As the end of the year approached I still have to 2 pounds to lose and finally in early December I got with the program made this particular goal priority and ended up losing 3 pounds starting the new year out 1 pound below my intended goal.

I chose the same goal for the next year. Things actually went much faster and three months into the year I've lost 15 pounds.

The big difference was Much better track the second time around and my whole family got involved in losing weight. Total we've lost 40 pounds together.

One of the keys here is to find someone or a group which cares about your future.