About Me

I’m from the South side of Chicago. I knew this was not my kind to city. So it 18 months I convinced my parents it was better to go out to California. So the last four hours spent in Chicago were very hectic, for the folks back in Chicago decided it was better that we left with an empty car: all the contents were removed except for one make-up-case. How they knew to leave that one case behind is beyond me, but it had all of the gas money to get California. And so it goes I left Chicago with just the shirt on my back.

My father Lynn, mother Mary, brother Tom, sister Mary, other sister Kay and me Jim became known as the Swann gang. This was supported by always been going on week’s. The mountains, the river, the beaches, the ocean, the desert, the Valley and list goes on. We were on the road 45 out of 52 weekends.

I made it through school, then junior college, then at Cal poly Pomona I graduated as a civil engineer.

I’ve always enjoyed the outdoors. Which included 30 years on the national ski patrol. I raced Hobie cats in fleet 3. And spent many a day hiking in the Sierra and San Gabriel.

To the question who am I

I know the Cold War shaped my early days.

I know my mother was 16 when I came popping out.

I know she was head of household before she left home at 18.

I know my father came from a broken family.

I know his mother had multiple sclerosis and was in a wheelchair most of her life.

I knew when we left Chicago we never looked back.


Helping people is a normal for me. With 30 years of on the national ski patrol.

Being captain with race strategy is a strong part of my life.

Walking into the unknown and being prepared is where my strengths lie.

I am

an engineer, philosopher, & above all, I have a great respect for planet Earth & all it’s wonders.

Walk with out a trail

Growing with respect to all things

Know if our children are to reach the stars, all the people of Earth will have to work together.

For Earth is how we are all connected.