Simplicity Research Institute 

The Simplicity Research Institute (SRI) is a private organisation engaging in research and consultancy. 

Our mission is to stimulate enquiry, encourage research, and promote understanding. 

SRI has four divisions:

1. Division of Research
Explorations in Mathematics, Physics, and the Sciences in general.

2. Division of Education
Conducts courses and workshops in Science, Mathematics and Complexity Science, for schools and other institutes.  

3. Division of Health and Wellness
Conducts research, courses and workshops on Stress Management, Health, Fitness,
and Yoga through the Simplicityoga brand name.

SRI publishes niche books on education, science research, health and other areas. 
The books are sold through our online SRI Bookstore and other outlets.
SRI Books is an imprint of the publications division of the Simplicity Research Institute.