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Types of Classes

  1. Stress Management and Relaxation Workshop 
  2. Mind-Body Harmony Course (Brief description)
  3. Beginners Yoga Course  (includes 1) (Brief Syllabus) 
  4. Gentle Yoga Course (gentler version of the beginners' yoga course)
  5. Restorative Yoga Course (beginners' yoga with a self-healing focus)
  6. Intermediate Yoga Course (pre-requisites apply ) ( Brief Syllabus
  7. Advanced Yoga Course (pre-requisites apply)
  8. Meditation Course (pre-requisites apply)
  9. Personalised Yoga Course. Tell us your goals and we will structure a programme for you.
  10. Office Yoga Course (including Chair Yoga)
  11. Yoga for Seniors (including Chair Yoga)
  12. Healing Yoga, with a therapeutic focus, for common chronic ailments.
    Held in private one-on-one sessions.

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