Thin Client Rollout


Superior Court of San Diego
330 West Broadway
San Diego, CA 92101


April 2009


Client required new strategy to improve service maintaining endpoints that supported their critical Quality Assurance Network Collection System (QANet).

The Challenge

QANet electronically links hospitals, pre-hospital providers (EMTs and paramedics) and County Emergency Medical Services (EMS) through either hard wires or modems.   Since the supporting endpoints resided on frame-relay sites with highly restricted connectivity (not connected to the client's domain), they could not be managed by the client's security update services.  Therefore, they would need to be configured to receive security patches and updates as standalone machines.  As a result, improvements in Availability, Maintainability and Security were necessary.

The Solution

Developed remote computing solution that included a modification to the existing software standard for Personal Computing software supporting this segmented environment. The existing hardware was updated and locked down using Microsoft security templates and group policy.  Security updates were configured automatically.  

The Result

The new solution strengthen security, simplified desktop management reducing maintenance cost and improved availability of the service by decreasing maintenance windows. 


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