Fidelity National Financial / FIS
2204 Garnet Ave
San Diego, CA 92109


July 2003


Client was facing future expansion and moves of data centers which required flexibility with its telecommunications infrastructure.

The Challenge

The clients telecommunications leveraged an Avaya PBX which would not easily support the companies future relocation or provide for additional redundancy to restore operations within acceptable time frames.

The Solution

Developed and implemented a plan involving four phases.  First, a pre-planning phase consisting of pre-deployment meetings to discuss and finalize implementation details for each phase.  Then, Phase 1 involving a basic deployment of IP telephony solutions to headquarters located in Sorrento Valley.  During this period the users and administrators were given enough time to learn the new system, as well as develop a detailed list of configuration parameters and features.  Phase II followed and included completing IP telephony to remote sites (Hawaii, NY). A final Phase III completed the integration of extended applications including video teleconferencing.

The Result

Implementation of the IP based telephony integration of speech and data on the same network resulted in improved client communications.  Since employees now had access to voice and email services via a single interface (unified messaging) their experience improved by receiving a wider range of phone service options.  Additionally, the company could now more easily support future infrastructure and personnel moves.

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