Technology Road Map


Superior Court of San Diego
330 West Broadway
San Diego, CA 92101


March 2011


Client required strategic and tactical planning of several IT Projects including replacement of servers, workstations, printers

The Challenge

Due to budget constraints client had not adequately funded technologies upgrades in previous years.  Now many of the technologies being used were outdated and others quickly approaching the end of their life cycles. It was important for the client to understand the total cost of improving its overall technology landscape. And, how the entire portfolio of projects fit together. 

The Solution

Planned a four phased approach to addressing clients needs.  First phase involved identifying all key projects requiring major effort including those key projects that had dependencies on other key projects.  Second phase established scoping efforts, milestones, budget targets and implementation priorities. Third phase included near term work priorities, resource planning and schedule refinements. And the final phase involved creating the detailed plans, designs, bill of materials, developing the work orders, executing the project plans and tracking and reporting progress.

The Result

Client now had an overall strategy and approach for implementing 27 key technology projects.  A two year tactical plan was put into action to complete 90% of these projects.  Multiple projects were fast tracked.  The total costs for the entire program was identified well in advance and funding allocated based on priority.  More importantly, the client reduced significant cost by leveraging synergies and eliminating redundancies during project execution.


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