Company Relocation


Fidelity National Financial / FIS
9339 Carroll Park Drive
San Diego, CA 92121


August 2006


Due to rapid growth client needed to co-locate staff to a single location and lease a large building for its operations. 

The Challenge

Client planned on moving from its existing in Pacific Beach, CA facility to a larger facility located Sorrento Valley, CA.  Building and lease negotiations were already underway and the new facility built out needed to be planned.  Target move dates were based on the existing lease expiration date which only provided five months to execute the move.  Also, since the client was changing its architecture from processing LAN to WAN processing for most of it's critical applications, moving many of the companies applications to a WAN optimized environment was necessary to avoid adversely affecting application performance. 

The Solution

The move was planned in three phases.  Phase 1 involved building out the new location including addressing many operational and technical requirements to ensure a smooth transition with no loss of productivity needs.  Operational requirements included, completing office build (includes office wiring), installing power, air conditioning, paging, alarm and axcess control system and a telephone system.  Technical requirements included: building a LAN/WAN infrastructure and supporting systems at the new location and moving many of the company applications to Citrix with a majority of applications hosted over the WAN.   Phase 2, involved moving the operations staff before the current lease ran out.  Phase 3, included re-negotiating a new lease for the minimum remaining space at the former location host the data center until the data center could be relocated.

The Result

Prior to the move, all WAN application processing was successfully tested and staff trained on how to use the new interfaces.  The new facility was ready on time and company staff relocated without any interruption in production processing.  The client improved is overall business continuity/DR capability.  Every facet of assessing, planning, scheduling, bidding, coordinating, tracking and follow-up resulted in minimized disruption and downtime.


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