Time and Attendance


Fidelity National Financial / FIS
9339 Carroll Park Drive
San Diego, CA 92121


May 2003


Client desired to transition from Infotronics Attendance Professional to ADP eTime Time and Attendance system.

The Challenge

The client's existing system was failing to meet the needs of the business.  Many employees were based at Home Offices and the company also has field-based employees. This made managing time and attendance problematic.   In order to ensure accuracy of data, it was therefore essential that the time and attendance system could be accessed by all, regardless of where they were based.

The Solution

After undertaking a thorough process and assessing the market for the best solution, ADP eTime was chosen. Working with the vendor, implemented business practices and work rules required to avoid impediments during transition.  This included cost saving common sense decisions based on risk analysis.  For example, saved licensing costs by consolidating database onto existing cluster vs. recommended stand alone practice.  Incorporated application into Citrix environment for remote access to home offices.  Trained all staff via a "train-the-trainer" approach.     

The Result

New solution implemented without incident resulting in automated and streamlined process, provided fast and easy-to-use software solution for employees to enter their hours directly into their workstations with supervisors review, edit and approval.  Many supervisors took advantage of the full scope of system features, including reporting, in order to improve their ability to effectively manage employees.  Overall, the new system improved operational efficiencies, reduced payroll-processing hours and costs, and eliminated data entry errors.


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