Desktop Upgrades


Naval School of Health Sciences
34101 Farenholt Avenue
San Diego, CA  92134-5291


September 1998


Client required upgrades to all personal computing devices in the organization.

The Challenge

Client's 16bit operating systems (Windows for Workgroups 3.11) was reaching its end of its life and was no longer keeping pace with changes and demands in the organization.  Frequency of reboots increased from "misbehaving" applications and responsiveness was sub-par. 

The Solution

Provided client with expertise and guidance in the delivery of a fully integrated 32bit Windows NT 4.0 environment.

The Result

The clients end user experience improved with better performance and reliability.  No longer would the entire operating system have to be rebooted to recover an application crash.  Windows Update was configured to maintain security.  All legacy systems were removed from the environment which reduced trouble call incident 35%.  Introducing multi-casting technology (Ghost) labor hours for PC reconfiguration in classrooms were reduced by 95%. 


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