Data Center Redesign


Fidelity National Financial / FIS
3100 New York Drive
Pasadena, CA 91107


November 2006


Client's data center required upgrades resulting from consolidating additional business units.

The Challenge

The client's production and development data center equipment needed to be moved from San Diego, CA to Pasadena, CA.  However, before the move could take place, the data center located in Pasadena required upgrades to support the additional capacity.  This would give the client the ability to respond to changing business and economic conditions including increased competition. 

The Solution

The core infrastructure (electrical, air conditioning, water cooling, fire suppression, cabling, fiber optics, telecommunications, connectivity, security and facilities), were all reviewed and upgraded as necessary before before internal infrastructure (core switching, edge switches, server racks) was delivered.  Teams from vendors such as Calence, Cisco Consulting Services, Microsoft Consulting Services, GLUMAC and EMC|Dell Professional Services and others were brought in to assist with this upgrades and transition activities. Fail over of production services to alternate infrastructure was done before moving equipment to new location.  Then, fail back was performed.

The Result

The new design resulted in more efficient cooling and a centralized core network consistent with the client's business methodology.  This provided full-service integrated, single-source technology solutions with an emphasis on central consolidation and management of services. Existing legacy systems were replaced, overall capacity increased and additional design efficiencies (racks, cable management, etc.) were made all while continually supporting development and production services.


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