Centralized Credentials Quality Assurance System


1st Marine Division
403 N Freeman Street
Oceanside, CA 99054


May 1996


Client was required to use the Centralized Credentialing Quality Assurance System for tracking doctors credentials.

The Challenge

The software didn't exist in the environment and there was no easy way to determine if doctors had privileges to practice at the medical centers.  

The Solution

Installed latest version of CCQAS, reviewed the relevance of data on file comparing it to the physician's file.  Discovered and closed gaps by requesting and following up on missing information.  Updated database with current content.  Ran queries and reports.

The Result

The entire credentialing and privileging process was streamlined giving the organization a way to capture and store current and historical data on military healthcare providers' credentials, privileges, medical malpractice claims, and adverse privileging actions.  Each providers application for privileges was now automated and electronic review, routing and approval of provider privileges were available.


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