Asset Management


1st Marine Division
403 N Freeman Street
Oceanside, CA 99054 


January 1997


Client required information systems coordination and management of computer assets.

The Challenge

Client tracking of computing life cycles was not updated.  No Asset Management Plan existed and there was no listing of equipment spread out across various offices and buildings.

The Solution

Developed a Life Cycle Management and Implementation Plan and transferred automated data processing equipment no longer required from other Naval Commands to the 1st Marine Division.

The Result

Identified $15k in savings implementing plan. Life cycle of all assets maintained in a database which provided improved accountability and reporting capabilities.


About 1stMARDIV

1st Marine Division is a multi-role, expeditionary ground combat force. The Division is employed as the ground combat element (GCE) of I MEF or may provide task-organized forces for assault operations and such operations as may be directed. The 1st Marine Division provides the ground amphibious forcible entry capability to the naval expeditionary force (NEF) and to conducts subsequent land operations in any operational environment.