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Innovative Technology - What's in your company?

Innovative Technologies

Many companies are looking for innovative ways to leverage technology.  But even small start ups find themselves quickly drowning in the sea of technology used to manage and run their business.  The people in "people, process and technology" are the main drivers of the proliferation.  And, the very nature of innovation means allowing people the flexibility to be creative, to innovate.  That means they often ask for and receive tools to make something happen.  It's this approach that quickly allows people to purchase, use and abandon entire technologies or only use a portion of their initial investment(s).

What company out there can say they have a full catalog listing of all the technologies they use in their environment?  Not many.  Yes, there are configuration management systems driven by the use of configuration management databases that inventory as many configuration items as can be captured. But often missing in those implementations is the business product or service to technology mapping.

To develop such a mapping companies must first determine what technologies they currently have, which they continue to leverage and which if any do they abandon for something equal or better.  It all should begin knowing what you have, why your have it and does it make sense to continue to use it.

Therefore, what's in your company.  Do you have a full inventory of all the technologies you use?  Or what about a map between the category of technology and the specific technology involved?   Here is such a map with technologies broken into several categories including:

  • Systems Management
  • Security
  • Platforms and Storage
  • Network and Telecommunications
  • Integrations
  • Collaboration
  • Applications

This map provides a summary level of the types of technologies that exist in companies today.  What is not shown are the additional tracings to the technology tools used or the links to the overall policies, processes, procedures, standards and guidelines involved with these technologies.

Anyone who looks at this map will be able to choose they types of technologies that exist within their companies. Many will find the technologies they use on a daily basis.  Some of those technologies may even be tied directly to their lively-hood.  That's how important technology is to today's wired or wireless workforce.  

But without knowing what you have, how would you know what you don't have?  This is why Simple Secure IT strives to develop baselines for companies that which to innovate.  When a CFO is looking at cost and wants to cut technology, how does he or she know which technology is worth cutting?  Any IT Director, Manager or Portfolio/Program Manager will know without a full inventory of what you have, attempting to innovate means piling on more chaos.  Let Simple Secure IT help you understand what's in your company so you are confident putting your valuable energy and resources into innovative approaches for your company.