Our Goals And How We Accomplished Them
  Hi, I am the leader of this project. My name is 
  We wanted a machine that could help people. We settled on an idea that could move anything from one side of a wide river to another side. It was complex, but, we knew we could make it. Some members of our team had their doubts, but we pursuaded on, and made an awesome project. 
  We first made a test project, using shoeboxes as a base. It was very big so we decided to make a smaller, more compact version of the machine. This version of the...                                                                                                                                                                 
About The Machine     
 The project is to make a simple machine that accomplishes a task. Our simple machine makes a bucket of water move across a river. This is done by a drive system driven by a motor. In sequence, this is how the machine works: a toy military tank goes down a ramp and pushes on a lever, making the opposite side of the lever go up. On the side of the lever that goes up is a string which is tied down with two knots. The string is part of a pulley system. When the string attached to the first lever goes up, the string on the other side of the pulley system becomes un-tensioned, allowing a second lever to go down with the aid of a weight. When it is inclined downward, a metal ball rolls down and...
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