Change Log


  • Fixed issue where dates appeared in a weird format (caused by server software upgrade).
  • Fixed: Project renaming/deletion doesn't reflect in project list page, unless one relogins .
  • Working towards fixing random "Internal Server Errors"
  • Ability to rename context on NextAction tab.
  • Hiding context tab, do we really need it now?


  • Added hard limit on project note length currently its 10k, want to reduce it further but there are few notes that have such a huge length.
  • Incremented desc limit of nextaction's to 2048 from 512.
  • renaming submit button to save instead of edit.
  • Simplified home page, removed unnecessary clutter.


  • Got rid of demo account and related links, was causing too much spam.


  • Fixed Bug: export to csv is now working without any error.


  • Feedback application changed from fevote to uservoice
  • Ajax spinner added to cursor trail, will remove all other spinners soon.
  • Small refactoring of code.
  • Project List is now refreshed every time user returns form project detail view, thereby the action count is updated appropriately for all projects.


  • GZip compression enabled. Since my hosting provider disabled GZip compression, the application now spits compressed output. So the page load speed should improve compared to that in last few months.


  • Bug Fixed: When dragging action across context, the context in the edit action form didn't change causing accidental jumps back to the original context.


  • Keyboard shortcut added: "Delete", "d" and accesskeys for menu items. Use Shift+Alt+<menuitem bold character> to switch to that tab., 
  • Changed drag image on project page to one used on every other page (multi-arrow).


  • Keyboard shortcut added for adding next action, 'a'. Use 'Alt' key + up/down/k/l to navigate across contexts.
  • Fixed delete done actions bug. 
  • Small refactoring of code.


  • Double-Click an action to edit, instead of single click.
  • Removed the highlight on mouse hover.
  • Keyboard navigation added. Keys: [arrow keys, k,l,e]. The key assignment is temporary, it might change in near future.
  • Lots of refactoring.
  • Upgraded to Rails 2.0.2
  • Some cosmetic changes.



  • Window now scrolls when Next Actions are dragged.


  • Converted all jquery/interface code to prototype/scriptaculous and removed jquery/interface js from pages. Compressed js size reduced to 40kb from 80kb earlier.
  • Fixed few bugs that occured due to the above switch.


  • Home page: cleanup, refactoring and small content changes. 
  • Q: Can the content on home page be more simpler?
  • Q: Should I use a blog to publish change log and such questions?
  • Configured a test environment on production server to test changes in live environment before releasing it to the public.



  • Added "export to csv" feature here. Its in beta, waiting for some user feedback.
  • Small refactoring.



  • Bug Fix: Context reorder bug.
  • Did some code refactoring, more refactoring to come.
  • Started writing test cases with Selenium.
  • Fix: Enabled js/css compression, which was disabled due to some issues with hosting provider. Moved assets to different server.
  • Automated deployment with Capistrano. 
  • Removed some deprecated code.
  • Added FAQ and Change Log links.



  • Minor tweak: changed the font of print view to be consistent with the main pages. ( 
  • Updated FAQ with "How do I assign due dates to actions?".
  • Closed duplicate feature request: Due_DateCalendar_scheduling (
  • Started maintaining this "Change Log" document.