All my Vanilla products are made with the finest, Premium 'A' Vanilla Beans from Madagascar’s Bourbon Island.  The Madagascar Bourbon beans are well known for their Rich, Creamy & Sweet Flavors and creates the most full-bodied, wonderfully smooth flavored extracts, sugars & syrup. 
Vanilla Extracts
Brandy or Vodka  Infused with only the highest quality Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Beans.  Aged for over 4 months and bottled with a bean or two to maintain the rich, full-bodied quality.

Use in your baking, adding to your smoothies, mixed drinks, or anything that you wish to enhance with the luscious taste and aroma of Vanilla

Available in
4oz Boston Round
8oz Marasca Tall
 Vanilla Syrup

 A pure cane sugar syrup infused over a long time with a high concentration of vanilla beans to produce a rich & beautifully flowing syrup.

Drizzle this all natural vanilla syrup over ice cream, waffles, pancakes, fruits and fruit smoothies,   Sweeten your coffee, cappuccino or  tea.   Best yet, simply add to seltzer and create your own Vanilla Cream soda!

Available in

8oz & 12oz 
Glass Syrup Bottles


Vanilla Sugars

 Sprinkle on everything from fresh fruit to  French Toast, cereal and oatmeal.  Sprinkle on top of muffins and cookies before baking.  Spoon into or Sprinkle on tea, coffee, cappuccino and latte.

Simply enjoy the flavors and aromas of Vanilla in everything you eat!
Other wonderful flavors include
Ginger, Lemon, Orange & Lavender...
 Available in

4oz Shaker Jar
6oz Tureen Jar   
1/2 Pound  Bag 
Vanilla Beans
The highest quality premium 'A' grade beans.  Perfect for your favorite recipes.  Makes a great addition in your baking, lightly cooked sauces & syrups.
Add the seeds to your
whipped cream - Awesome!
Available in

Tubes of 1, 2, 3 & 4
Custom quantities available on request