Welcome to SimpleDyno

SimpleDyno is a free computer application that you can incorporate into your D.I.Y. inertia dynamometer (dyno) project. 

In its simplest form you will need a magnet attached to your dyno rollers or flywheel and a set of headphones that you plug into the microphone jack on your computer. The software will "listen" to the signals produced as the magnet passes the headphone and use the timing of these signals to calculate the RPM of your roller or flywheel. Coupled with your entries for some basic properties of the dyno, SimpleDyno will go on to report calculated wheel and motor RPM, vehicle speed, torque and power.

SimpleDyno 6.3 expands your data acquisition options by introducing support for microcontrollers such as the Arduino UNO.

Screenshot of SimpleDyno 6.3