Please note that I am no longer supporting this software or its use here or at the SimpleDyno Forum. 
The source for the last released version of the project (6.5) is available below.
DamoRC, Nov, 2017.

The latest version of SimpleDyno is available for download below.

To install, download the SimpleDyno zipped package and extract the contents to a directory of your choice.  The current package contains the SimpleDyno 6.5 executable, instructions for use, and a Sketch file to support the option of using an Arduino UNO for data collection. Please note that a microcontroller is not required to use SimpleDyno.

Note that current versions of the application have been produced in VB.NET Express 2010.  This means that you may have to update your .NET framework version.
Asoft’s ".Net Version Detector" is an excellent freeware application to check for installed.NET framework versions and update the framework if necessary.

If you have any problems or suggestions feel free to post a comment at the SimpleDyno Forum.

SimpleDyno 6.5 Release  is the current release version.

SimpleDyno 6.5.1 Release  includes a fix for the "Object reference not set to an instance of an object. at SimpleDyno.Main.GetAvailableCOMPorts()" error that occurs on some machines on startup.  This fix courtesy of Robert McIntyre (aka WhyreByter).

MOI Calc is an Excel file development by Solo2racr for calculating the MOI of various configurations of rollers and flywheels.  If you have any questions on this, please direct them to Solo2racr at the SimpleDyno Forum (Updated File Available as of 2/28/14)

SimpleDyno 6.5 Source is the VB.NET project file for SimpleDyno 6.5.  This will allow you to modify the code to implement your own fixes and features.  The project was created in VB.Net Express 2010.[NOTE - Temporarily removed until license and attribution are corrected]
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