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Windows 8 - Changing from 32 bit to 64 bit.

When I bought the Windows 8, I was running my Sony VAIO with 32 bit Vista.

I found from Microsoft site that windows 8 can be bought by:

1. Either downloading it from Microsoft site.


2. Ordering the DVD pack.

By nature, I don’t like waiting for things, instead I prefer things getting right away, so I clicked on the download option.

I started the Windows upgrade application and bought the Windows 8 (without knowing that it’s a 32 bit version).

Later I came to know that based on the original OS type 32 or 64 bit, Windows upgrade application downloads the new Windows 8 in 32 or 64 bit respectively.


Did some research and found the trick to install  64 bit Windows 8 legally without buying any new DVD.  

(RISK / CAUTION:  Because, 64 bit applications are not compatible with 32 bit OS, so you need to do a complete new install, which means that your existing 32 bit programs/applications cannot be reused, you need to re-install them after installation. Also, you may have to format your hard drive.)


So here is what you need to do, in order to install Windows 64 bit on your computer running currently  32 bit Windows OS:


1. Buy a license of Windows 8 from Microsoft site if you have not done so, already.

2. Download the Windows 8 Evaluation 64 Bit ISO image. You need to use your Windows Live Id to download this evaluation copy.

3. Download Windows 7 USB boot-able driver creator tool. Use this tool from Microsoft to create the boot-able USB stick or DVD.

4. Boot from the newly created USB/DVD and install the Windows 8 Evaluation version. Do not use your purchased Windows license 8 key to activate/register the Evaluation copy.

5. While running your Windows 8 evaluation copy, go to Microsoft site and download Windows 8 upgrade tool and just follow the instructions and download the Windows 8 by specifying you purchased Windows 8 license key.

6. When prompted to install, select create Windows 8 media option and you will be asked to specify the media type to create USB/DVD. Choose your preferred option. This should create a Windows 8 64 bit media for you.

7. Once Windows 8 media USB or DVD is created, just boot from it, and install your new Windows 8 64 bit legal version.