Simple Assembly Explorer

[2014.01.11: SAE at Google Code was taken down by Google because of complaint about free trial Reflector link ......]
[2014.05.23: I'm back to Google Code]
[2015.05.25: Move to GitHub]
Simple Assembly Explorer (SAE) is an OPEN SOURCE .Net assembly tool.

Assembler: call ilasm to assemble il file
Disassembler: call ildasm to disassemble assembly
Deobfuscator: de-obfuscate obfuscated assembly
Strong Name: remove strong name, sign assembly, add/remove assembly to/from GAC
PE Verify: call peverify to verify assemblies

Class Editor: browse/view assembly classes, edit method instructions
Run Method: run static methods
Profiler: Trace function calls and parameters with SimpleProfiler

Relector: plugin which call Reflector to browse selected assembly
ILMerge: plugin which call ilmerge to merge selected assemblies
Edit File: plugin which call your editor to view selected assembly
Plugin Sample: plugin sample

Copy Info: copy information of selected assemblies to clipboard
Open Folder: open container folder
Delete File: delete selected file(s)

.Net Framework 4.0 or upper
.Net Framework 4.0 SDK or upper

1. Install .Net Framework 4.0 or upper
2. Install .Net Framework 4.0 SDK or uppder
3. Extract to any directory

1. Click Click Click ...
2. Select one or many ...
3. Double Click or Right Click ...
For more usage and and development information, please check Google Code Wiki.

You can download SAE latest release and source code at GitHub.

Wicky Hu,
Jan 26, 2014, 7:25 PM
Wicky Hu,
Jan 26, 2014, 7:25 PM