The Barony of Sternfeld 
in Indiana

Simple Day in the Country

July 17th to 19th, 2009

Last Chance to Authorize before Pennsic!

Enjoy a satiating Feast, Dancing, Bardic Circle and Friends
 after a Great day of Classes, Melees and Fighting!

Warning!! There may be traffic delays Sat. between 7:30 am and 10:30 am due to a Camp Atterbury
Runner/Walkers' Event... please drive carefully!
Ground fires will be permitted as long as there isn't a fire ban due to extremely dry weather..
Site opens officially 5 pm Friday, July 17th
Volunteers are still welcome - sign up at the Troll Gate!


Authorizations: to be done as possible by available marshals - schedules will be set closer to event date


Marshal - Lord Bran  of Lough Derg
kburgess1 AT comcast.net

Range Opens at 
9 am for open shooting and bow inspections

9:30 am
 - Royal rounds

11 am
 - Children's shoot , stuffed critters abound !!! Everyone wins !!!

12 pm
 - lunch

1 pm
 -  Bran's challenge .   consisting of the total points from 3 different shoots with the top scores winning really spiffy, but yet to be announced, prizes !!!!

If time permits - Open shooting till 45 minutes before court.

Battles schedule to be determined
Class Coordinators:  Abot Johann von Metten & Lord Llywelyn of Sternfeld
for information or to conduct a class, please contact
Johann at: mjloidolt AT yahoo.com  (replace the AT with@)

10 am
Shelter  3 - What Did They Eat in July?  Cooking Period Seasonal Food"
We will explore three in-season ingredients, each prepared in more than one way.  There will also be an overview of seasonality in general.  There will be no on-site cooking, but there will be samples of discussed dishes
Lady Tacit Darby
Meet at Troll Gate: Newcomer's Class/ Walking Tour
Mistress Baroness Rhiannon
11 am
Shelter 2 - How To Put the Period Into Period Stained Glass
We will discuss medieval decorative stained glass techniques and how to achieve those techniques in the modern middle ages.  There will be no class fee, discussion only, and not hands-on, lasting 1 hour.
Mistress Baroness Kirsten "Draco Incarnate"
Shelter 3 - Wild Edibles 'Whats a weed/herb/edible'
Abot Johann von Metten
Lunch  & Fabric Grab
Shelter 3 - Fencing 101
Lady Tabitha Pennywarden
Shelter 2 - What to do with a Veil
Demonstrations of the many ways to wear veils and headwraps for a variety of event situations.
Lady Edyth Miller
Shelter 2 - Basic Fingerloop Braiding
Mistress Branwen Scholastica
Shelter 3 - How to Carry a Tune
Lady Tabitha Pennywarden


Artisan's Row

This year's Merchant area will also feature an Artisan's Row.  If you have particular craft that you would 
like to share with others, please let us know!  Send your contact information and fly-size to the Merchant Liaison.  
Artisans will need to provide their own shade.  A list of demonstrations will be published closer to the event.

 In addition there will be a space available for a "
stitch and (um...) grouse," yeah, that's it.  
Bring a chair and your latest project and sit and chat with other like-minded gentles.  
(And I will try like the dickens to make sure we are upwind of the list.)
~THL Margaret O’Monaghan~


Wild Bill's Concessions will again this year have a variety of fruit smoothies to chill you down!

Bedford College of Lacemaking will be doing bobbin lace demos

Angel D'Mort

Keltic Jewelry by Kat

Two Dogs Yarn

John ap Wynne & Associates

Xenon's jewelry

Laughing Otter Trading Post

Dragon Skin Leather Works

Annika's Dungeon

I Can Haz Cat Toyz

Viking Archery Supply

Hedwig's Corner

The Gifts of Avalon

Designs by Theresa, Inc.
Novice Arts and Sciences Competition
No documentation required. If you have practiced an art or science for less 
than a year come show off your work!  This is a great way to learn something 
new and show others at the same time. Please direct all questions to 
Mistress Rhiannon at charla_kinzel@sbcglobal.net

Children's Point

Novice A&S entries judged by the child populous
Items desired/Categories:
              *  Child "friendly" entry - SCA/period oriented, toys / garb/ armor/ etc 
                  (adults and youth over 12 years of age)
             *  Children's entry - (youths younger than 12 years of age)
                             -must be made by child with limited parental assistance
No documentation is necessary.
All entries will be judged by a bean count by the child populous, judging ends at 3pm.
The winners and entries will receive a special award when picking up their A&S item.
Good Samaritans of Simple Day (If just for a day)
Children's Point would like to start a fun tradition for Simple Day children.
Attendees for Simple Day are called upon to give a token to a child under the age of 10
If you see a child
                  *being helpful
                  *doing a chore
                  *doing anything without protest
                  *bowing to royals
                  *helping pick up trash
                  *being courteous and kind
                  *anything deserving an award
Bags for children's tokens will be at Children's Point. Get your two tokens to give to youths under the age of 10 at Troll upon entry, worth one point. The Ladies of the Rose will hand out gold tokens for children bowing before them, worth two points each. Look for the beautiful ladies who wear garb with roses on them.
Please have children and their tokens come back to Children's Point at 3pm for counting. An award for children from outside the Barony and for Baronial children will be received at court.
@Saturday morning Tavern by the Shire of Alfonlyn  
Afonlyn Breakfast Special: $3
Biscuits and Gravy
Fruit Cup
Coffee or Orange Juice
A la carte pricing:
Coffee (the elixre of life): $1
Orange Juice:  $1
Fruit Cup:  $1
Biscuits and Gravy:  $2
SATURDAY MIDDAY by Barony of Sternfeld
11 am - 2 pm
For $6
-cold deli sandwich (turkey or ham)
-cold gazpacho salad (vegan)
-cheese cubes
-celery and carrot sticks
-dessert: choice of peaches or strawberries
   over shortcake with a dash of whip cream.
-water and tea to drink
@Feast will be after Evening Court@
$10 per Gentle

Food Allergies and sensitivities requests must
be submitted to Lord Morvran by June 15th to be
accommodated for!!! 

Head Cook - Lord Morvran Bettws ab Thomas of Cardiff  
farmerjim35 AT yahoo .com

Feast Hall Lead & Head Server - Lady Odile Endormie de Brienne
bluejuicebox AT yahoo . com

Remove One
Basil Oil
Garlic Oil
Fresh Chevre

Remove Two
Herbed Roasted Chicken Breast

Remove Three
Roasted Beef
Buttered Greens
Roasted Root Vegetables

Remove Four
Baked Pears
Gjtost with or without walnuts
Prunes in Syrup

Take your best route to I-65, south of Indianapolis, exit 76B Taylorsville.
Go north on Hwy. 31 to 3rd stoplight.  Turn left at the Camp Atterbury signage.

 Continue into Camp Atterbury (note that the speed limit is rigorously enforced).
 Go almost exactly 3 miles and turn right at School House Road just past the golf cart office.

 Signs to Troll will be approximately 1 mile on the right side of the road.


Troll Gate:

$8 Adult Member
$4 Youth Member
(5 & under - free, 6-17 = youth)
$3 Non-member charge
$35 Family Cap

$10 per Gentle

$6 per tent a night
(Park rate)

$10 refundable +
$6 per tent/night
(Park rate)